P51 Combat Fighter Reservation Prepayment

$30,000.00 USD

2 Blonde editions remain. 4 Black editions remain.



  • Free delivery.
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty.
  • 30 month and 60 month Factory Services, including any and all new technologies or features to better personalize your unique Fighter.

Please reach out to us 24 hours a day at (205) 460-5855 with any questions you may have regarding the reservation of your P51 Combat Fighter.

  • Concierge Delivery:
    For customers taking delivery in the contiguous United States, we offer complimentary door-to-door concierge delivery via the Confederate Motorcycles transport van. 

    Air Freight:
    For customers taking delivery outside the contiguous United States, we ship the motorcycle in a custom-built shipping crate via  Air Freight. World wide crating and shipping service to your local airport hub - $3,200 USD. (Some restrictions may apply)

    Factory Pickup:
    If you would like to meet the designers and craftsmen behind your machine, you may pickup your P51 Fighter Combat directly from our factory in Birmingham, Alabama. There is no cost for this option, but you are responsible for riding/transporting from the factory to its final destination.

    Note: You may choose your preferred delivery method at any time after your reservation is placed.

$30,000.00 USD